The Sittanavasal caves are quite possibly the most famous spot to visit in Pattukkottai. The landmark is a stone sliced religious community which is accepted to be made by the Jains way, thinking back to the second 100 years. It is a cavern sanctuary and contains remainders of remarkable frescos from that time. These wall paintings have been painted with vegetable and mineral colors utilizing striking tones like dark, white, green, blue and yellow.
Location: Pattukkottai district, Tamil Nadu .
Timings: ‎6 AM – 6 PM

brahadambal temple

Brahadambal temple

The Brahadambal Temple is an unmistakable strict spot in Pattukkottai. It could come as a shock, that regardless of its astonishing engineering, the sanctuary some way or another remaining parts less-swarmed round the year. The hallowed place is in many cases considered as a design wonder attributable to its brilliant combination of Jain and Dravidian engineering. The directing gods in the sanctuary end up being Lord Gokarneshwarar and his partner Brahadambal.
Location: 9RR2+J6G, Palaniappa Nagar, Thirukkokarnam, Tamil Nadu 622005
Timings: 6 AM - 11.30 AM & 4 PM - 8 PM



Found around 50 kilometers from the downtown area, the Avudairyarkoil sanctuary is a significant vacation destination in Pattukkottai. Underlying the commonplace Dravidian style of engineering, the managing god of the sanctuary is Lord Shiva. It is a fairly unique Shiva Temple as in there is no sculpture of Nandi the Bull or even a banner at the sanctuary. Additionally, the Sivalingam is loved as a spirit and not in that frame of mind of a sculpture.
Location: Pudukkotai district of Tamil Nadu
Timings: ‎6 AM – 7 PM

Thirumayam Fort

Thirumayam Fort

The Thirumayam Fort is one of the most noticeable touring places in Pattukkottai. An old piece of engineering, the stronghold is found somewhat away from the downtown area. Moving on the fortification may be somewhat difficult, however when there, the perspectives are absolutely dazzling. The fortress likewise houses an immense Shivalingam that can be reached subsequent to climbing a fairly frightening looking stairwell.
Location: 6QX2+55P, State Highway 210, Pattukkottai District, Tirumayam, Tamil Nadu 622507
Timings: ‎10 AM – 5 PM

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